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  • Boring Device

    Boring Device

    Technical Parameter

    It is now possible to embroider a max. of 4 different sizes, shapes A special knife bores a hole in a fabric and<

  • Sequin Device

    Sequin Device

    Technical Parameter

    2 kinds of sequins on one side can be nterchanged and embroidered at high speeds as desired.

    More colo

  • Laser Device

    Laser Device

    Technical Parameter

    The Mixed Control system for laser and embroidery machine realize the sound cooperation between functions of the

  • Simple String Embroider Device

    Simple String Embroider Device

    Technical Parameter

    Simple Cording embroidery control system is in any flat embroidery machine computer control system technology pla

  • Automatic Lubrication System

    Automatic Lubrication System

    Technical Parameter

    Comprehensive Functions This control system supports the following working modes: start-up timing lubrication, ma

  • Simple Towel Device

    Simple Towel Device

    Technical Parameter

    owel embroidery, with its beautiful stitches, beautiful results in the embroidery industry occupies an important<

  • جهاز حبال بسيطة

    جهاز حبال بسيطة

    Technical Parameter

    he simple taping device can realize the taping and zig-zag sewing
    mainly. From angle of mechanism,it can be