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Laser Device

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Technical Parameter

The Mixed Control system for laser and embroidery machine realize the sound cooperation between functions of the

Laser embroidery machine

1- Precious Cutting & Saving Time It is an old problem in matching the cuts between the cloths.But the promotion of laser cutting technology,which realizes the accurate and effective cutting,finally settles this problem.

2- Various Embroidery Mode,Enable Multifunction Realize The various cutting modes enable to cut the complicated pattern easily.The main cutting modes are drilling,eyeleting and decorative border cutting.Combining with the sequin machine or taping machine,this machine enables the combination of patterns in different kinds.

3- New Functions-Laser Fabric Engraving The laser fabric engraving is a newly developed embroidery mode on the basis of the multifunction laser & embroidery machine.By using the laser beam with high energy to irradiate the fabric and evaporating the dye on the surface,the user can produce the figure and picture at will.

4- Enhancement of Productivity and Added Value of Products The user can carry out the work with a single head or several heads at the same time according to the actual need.which will save the working hour,enhance the productivity and add the additional value to the products.

5- High Performance-Price Ratio The type of machine features the high performance-price ratio,cost-saving ,room-saving,and simple working process,meanwhile this type of machine can also be combined with sequin machien and taping machien.Therefore, the laser lockstitch multifuction machien is the best choice of the users.

6- Stable and Reliable Functions This machine features the high accuracy, low noise,nice performance in cutting(such as, small seam of cutting,small heat deformation and the neat and tidy look) and reliable function.