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Simple Towel Device

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Technical Parameter

owel embroidery, with its beautiful stitches, beautiful results in the embroidery industry occupies an important<

1- Strong 3D Effect and Durable

Because the lockstitch looping is lockstitch after all, it features the durable ,no off-thread,meanwhile this special embroidery method features the strong 3D
effect due to it also holds the character of chain-stitch looping embroidery.

2- High Efficiency

Because the lockstitch looping embroidery device is modified on the basis of lockstitch device, it features the high efficiency as the lockstitch does.The attached high speed machine can reach an amazing speed at 1000r/min,which will promote the productivity of lockstitch looping rapidly.

3- High Performance-price Ratio

Compared with Chain-stitch looping embroidery machine,the lockstitch looping machine is able to enrich the kinds of embroidery and make the embroidery more beautiful on the premise of lower investment.

4- Easy Installation and Debugging

At present,the computerized control systems of 328,2x6,3x6 and Cx8 are all supporting the lockstitch looping device.The users of the above systems just need a PC008 board,which is the attached peripheral driver and specially designed for the lockstitch looping embroidery,to carry out the lockstitch looping embroidery.This kind of machine features its high performance-price ratio,and its computerized control system is characterized by easy installation and maintenance as well as stable running .The machinery part of lockstitch looping consists of moving valve,motor,swing-rod and presser foot and is easy to install.

5- Easy Pattern-making

For making patterns of the lockstitch looping,Dahao provides the solution of "general pattern-making software+Dahao EmbDesign" to that problem.In order to receive a pattern of lockstitch looping ,the user needs onlu design a pattern with the general pattern-making software and then modify the pattern with the EmbDesign.The patttern-making of lockstitch looping embroidery is simple and easy to learn.