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Technical Parameter

he simple taping device can realize the taping and zig-zag sewing
mainly. From angle of mechanism,it can be

Main Function

Transmission System :

- Motor for thread tension or looser: Ensure proper tension of cord

- Synchronizing motion device:Control thread path of tape

- Wheel:Drive the tape for embroidering


1- Simple structure,flexible installation and high performance-price ratio

Using simple device to make magnificent embroidery is the biggest feature of the simple taping system.User only needs to install the device of simple taping,like the device of sequin ,on the first /last needle pasition of the lockstitch machine to realize the function of cordign .Compared with the traditional independent taping head,the simple taping device just composes the M axis and Z axis onto the wheel.So it features its simplie structure,flexible installation,low cost and convenience for user to modify the machien.At present,the 328,3x6 and Cx8 series computerized controllers are able to support this simple taping device.

2- Compatable to the traditional taping pattern,easy to use

The simple taping system is totally compatible to the patterns of the normal taping so that if could waive the work of users to re-make the patterns or to modify the patterns.On one hand it will enable user to work with less limitation, on the other if will raise the working efficiency.

3- Easy and simple operation

Each simple taping device equips the button switch board that enables the user to separately adjust the head motions such as device lifting,rotation of wheel and return to origin.if the thread breaks or the cord is dropped during the embroidery ,the wheel will automatically return to the current working point to continue upon the adjustment.Upon the finish of the work,the wheel will automatically return to the origin.

4- With the max speed at 1000rpm

the simple taping device can greatly enhance the productivity.This device is capable to perform the straight embroidery,mending embroidery or manual control of the taping or zig-zag on a single needle position.Thank to its higher automation lever,the working amount of the users is rapidly decreased.

5- Real auto-mending embroidery

With the control from main system and the coordination from the peripheral thread break system,simple taping system can perform mending embroidery on any head,realizing the real mending function.When performing the mending embroidery,each wheel can rotate independently according to the present machien head states,reach the embroidery position and finally realize the mending embroidery.This gives convenience to operator by large margin.

6- Support zig-zag embroidery

Dependign on the strong data operation capacity of its main controller,simple taping system supports not only the function of Z4 embroidery common in market,but also other types of zig-zag embroidery.User only needs to adjust the corresponding parameters to acuqire the different embroidery effect;meanwhile the users can also have the embroidery mode upgrade by updating the software of the main controller.