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Single Head Cap Embroidery Machine

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Technical Parameter

Model: SINSIM-C901
Needles : 9/12/15 Needles
Heads Number : 1

Main Features:

- 110V or 220V self-adaptable power supply. No more external power box needed.

- Only 150W power consumption.

- Mainboard is built into the control panel, which reduces the possibility of damage by dust or external force.

- Support large capacity of USB flash drive from 2G and up with faster data transmission and more compatibility

- Proper shut-down function powers off only moving parts such as X&Y axis and needle bar, but still keeps the data on screen when the emergency button is pushed.

- Precise digital degree on stop point: main shaft can be turned to any angle digitally with the number of degrees shown on the screen.

- Cap to flat (or vise versa) embroidery mode switch eliminating the possibility of hitting the frame.

- Keeping original file names in memory makes it easy to manage designs. 9. Lay-out of keys on panel is more user-friendly.

Main Function:

- Suitable for flat ?cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery High speed up to 1000 RPM.

- 3.8inch TFT Ture Color Displayer ,Modern Design of operating panel, USB input port ,Color LCD display showing real time stitching ,Pre-sew design trace capableEmergency stop.

- New Servo Driver For Frame.

- Color-Change Mode: Step Color-change , Automatic Color Change.

- Thread Trimming system: Automatic Thread Trimmer, Solenoid thread holding, step motor thread trimming and catching.

- Needle Position Detecting : Rheostat.

- Thread Break Detecting : Thread break detection ,Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel.

- Memory: 1 Million , Design Number :99

- Language: Chinese, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese

- Data Transfer Floppy Disk: Pattern input/output support USB updating.

- Network Function: Support multi-machine network, data transfer, state monitoring, operating though network.

- 270°wide cap frame unit.

- Electricity:110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available

Hoops/Frames Included:

- 2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 9 cm (3.5")

- 2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 20 cm (9")

- 2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 12 cm (4.7")

- 2 x Jacket Back Square Hoop 29 x 29 cm (12" x 12")

- 2 x Shirt Front Round Hoop 15 cm (5.9")

Cap Attachments Included:

Accessories Included:

Table and stand with wheels for easy moving around.

Exploded View of Machine

Operation Manual

Tool Kit. 

Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine 

Air Compressor(If Need)

[Example of model code]


SINSIM-C (a), 9 (b), 01 (c) 
Contents of model code :
a=model name