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Chain Stitch Coiling Machine

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Technical Parameter

Model: SINSIM902-915 
Needles : 4-9 Needles 
Heads Number : 2-91

Main Function:

Installed Coiling Feeding device and towel take up thread device on two side of flat machine arm. To achieve flat embroidery , chain stitch cording embroidery, towel embroidery alternating embroidery features. 

Main Features:

- Speed: Flat embroidery max speed 850rpm , sequin device max speed 850rpm. 

- Embroidery computer control without human intervention, to achieve embroidery automation and standardization. 

- According to choose different color pattern design configuration, implementation to automatically change color in the embroidery.

- Can automatically adjust the length of towel Embroider trace. 

- Can automatically change towel embroidery trace and chain embroidery trace.and automatically change to flat stitch embroidery trace. 

- 5inch, 10inch touch monitor computer selectable. Modern Design of operating panel,USB input port ,Color LCD display showing real time stitching ,Pre-sew design trace capable Emergency stop. 

- Color-Change Mode: Step Color-change , Automatic Color Change. Auto color change according the design when in embroider. 

- Thread Trimming system: Automatic Thread Trimmer, Solenoid thread holding, step motor thread trimming and catching. 

- Needle Position Detecting : Rheostat . The machine has multi-heads and needles, can embroider several colors stitch flat designs at the same time, with auto trimmer function. 

- Thread Break Detecting : Thread break detection ,Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel . Machine will auto stop and show the thread breakage head position if the thread break or the upper and udder thread used up when in the embroider. 

- Memory: 2 Million , Design Number :200. After the design file input computer can keep forever, the memory storage up to 2,000,000 stitches and store 200 samples. 

- Language: Chinese, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese 

- Data Transfer Floppy Disk: Pattern input/output support USB updating. 

- Network Function: Support multi-machine network, data transfer, state monitoring, operating though network. 

Main configuration:

- Dahao electric system, 219/10inch monitor. 

- Main motor :Dahao servo , Panasonic Servo ,Fuji Servo ,Sanyo Servo available.

- X/Y Driver: All servo or Stepping Motor available.

- Origian Japanese Rotary Hook 

- New style Liner driver 

- Color: 4/6/ ,Flat head Needles: 4/6/9. Heads: 2-22 Heads, Embroidery Space: X /300-1100mm,Y/300-1200mm.

Accessories Included :

- Table Support and Washer of machine foot 

- Exploded View of Machine

- Operation Manual

- Tool Kit.

- Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine

- Air Compressor (If Need) 

[Example of model code]


SINSIM-CC(a), 9(b), 02(c)
Contents of model code :
a=model name